Friday, January 23, 2009

Stripping Down Kate Hudson Taking It Off

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is romantically confused, says Chrissy Iley Times in London. Romance, she admits, still baffles her. The 29-year-old actress seven years of marriage, Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson in 2007 is over. Since then, she has participated with the actor Owen Wilson and cyclist Lance Armstrong, among others. I fall in love easily..

2009 Nascar Predictions Is The Economy The Great Equalizer


I m for all small market teams, and in this case, small teams NASCAR time. If I had my way, NASCAR would be limited to three machines for the operation, the current four (2010), and two would be strongly suggested..

Hollywood Nights Scarlett Johansson In Lingerie Anne Heche Amp Kelly Osbourne

Scarlett Johansson

Hollywood Nights is a little slow, as many of the characters are in Washington, DC, living and big party to celebrate and enjoy the historic inauguration of Barack Obama. For this will lead us with great Scarlett Johansson Obama supporter. She is in lingerie agin, showing off ample cleavage and more. Anne Heche had a baby boy on the way and Kelly Osbourne was checked..

Jonas Bros Duet With Taylor Cover Shania

Although the details are still scarce, the Jonas Brother will be including a number of surprises on the soundtrack for their Concert 3D Experience film. Because of Hollywood Feb. 24, the series is to include a duet with ex tourmate Taylor Swift, a cover of Shania Twain, I m Gonna Getcha Good and a new Jonas Brother song..

David Beckham Goes From Football To Fashion

Victoria Beckham

The 32-year-old global icon stopped by Nobu Japanese restaurant with his wife, Victoria Beckham.David team, AC Milan, won the next game, 1-0, against Fiorentina at San Siro soccer stadium in Milan, Italy